Our Story

A passion for coffee, community, and a sense of place help define Hudson Coffee Company.

We opened our doors in 2018, but our unusual story really begins two decades ago when Justin DePascale, a Hoboken police officer, refused a cup of coffee. He simply didn’t like it. Then he was appointed to detective in the narcotics unit working overnight shifts and everything changed. Justin preferred tea but his partners wouldn’t allow it, so he drank coffee out of necessity and learned to like it for the caffeine.

Fast-forward 20 years later: Justin is still a police officer on the Hoboken police force, but his perspective on coffee has dramatically changed. Now he’s a devoted coffee lover and self-described “coffee connoisseur” who is still somewhat surprised by his entry into the coffee business.


Once Justin tasted truly good coffee—not often available on the overnight beat—he thirsted for more. He started seeking out specialty coffees and unique artisanal blends and experimented with his own home brews. His appreciation for premium coffee motivated Justin to learn everything he could about coffee over the years, researching, taking classes and attending tastings. The Hoboken native, with deep generations of roots in the community, opened his first walk-up coffee shop in Hoboken—the Bean Vault—in 2016. It was only a matter of time before he wanted to expand on his dream and open a larger coffee bar with seating and a communal meeting space, all while paying homage to the “mile-square” city.

The Coffee

Only super fresh, artisanal-style coffees made from the highest-quality beans from all over the world are served at Hudson Coffee Company.

We’re dedicated to quality coffee—from how the beans are sourced and selected to how they are ground, and ultimately, how the coffee is prepared and served. Hudson Coffee Company owner Justin DePascale seeks out the very best coffee beans from all over the world, tastes the coffees, and once they pass his hand-selection, are added to our ever-changing menu.

Ground locally and served as early as 48 hours for peak freshness, we offer unique seasonal blends and single-origin, pour-over coffees which are served alongside cold brews, fine teas, lattes, espresso, cappuccino, hot cocoa and more.

And for those with an appetite, Hudson Coffee also serves a selection of fine pastries, croissants, cookies, muffins and scones.

The Community

Hudson Coffee is steeped in history.

Built on the site of the former Hoboken Maxwell House coffee plant, the largest coffee processing plant in the world through the early 1990s, Hudson Coffee is committed to preserving the rich history of the landmark “mile-square.” Our industrial chic interior is a combination of our industrial past and the modern-day evolution of Maxwell Place. Nostalgic images of the old Maxwell House plant, Hudson waterfront shipyards, and more recent moments in Hoboken history adorn the walls. Some of the mounted artwork are photographs taken by owner Justin DePascale, a Hoboken native whose family has deep roots in the community.